Diabetes Foot Assessments

Diabetes can cause many changes in your circulation, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and the skin of your feet.

At Heal Focus Podiatry, we help you understand how diabetes can put your feet at risk and provide you with the tools to prevent complications from happening.

You only get 2 feet in your lifetime.

    Having a regular foot check with a podiatrist is one of the best ways to keep on top of foot health and prevent further problems. Get your feet checked today.

    What Problems Can Diabetes Cause in My Feet?

    If you do not look after your diabetes and keep your sugar levels under control, there are many changes that could occur in your feet including:

    • Dry Skin formation
    • High pressure areas which may lead to ulceration
    • Changes to foot shape such as claw and hammer toes
    • Changes in feeling and sensation
    • Poor healing

    A common symptom of diabetes is damage to the nerves in your feet. The damaged nerve function is called neuropathy, and about half of all people with diabetes have some form of nerve damage.

    What does a diabetes foot check involve?

    Diabetic foot checks are a specialised service offered by podiatrists. A check includes:

    • Nerve sensation checks
      (ability to feel pressure, touch, temperature)
    • Circulation testing
      (checking blood flow to the feet and toes; important for healing)
    • Screening for areas of high loading and pressure which may leave you at increased risk of ulceration
    • Identifying areas of skin build up or any toenail concerns
    • Footwear issues and recommendations
    • Muscle strength and control
    • Assessing and treating foot ulcers if they are present

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