Footwear Assessments

Footwear is the basis for everything.

Good footwear supports, cushions and protects our feet. Poor footwear can lead to injury, pain, put extra pressure on particular areas and increase our falls risk.

There is no such thing as the perfect shoe.

Our feet come in different shapes and sizes with different needs. Aside from how shoes look- do you ever stop and think… What should I actually be looking for in a good shoe?

We teach you what makes a good shoe and how to look for these features when buying new shoes.

Our podiatrist has extensive background working with shoes from her time working at The Athletes Foot. Tahlia continues to monitor the latest footwear technology and has extensive knowledge of a large range of brands and is well placed to assess your individual foot type and recommend the shoe type that will suit your feet.

We have a special recommended list of brands for men, women and kids including all types of footwear.

Footwear Assessment

What does a footwear assessment involve:

  • Discussing any previous foot/leg complaints or injuries
  •  Checking what’s happening with your feet when you are moving and how this contributes to your problem
  • Checking wear patterns on current shoes
  • Ensuring your shoes are fit for purpose or the activity you may be doing

A foot assessment doesn’t always mean new shoes. Some of the changes we can simply make in clinic may include:

  • Changing lacing styles to give extra depth or width
  • Applying paddings in different areas of your shoes
  • Adding more support in shoes such as an orthotic insert

Good shoes are an investment to your health and wellbeing.

    If you want to know more about what shoes are best for your feet, call our clinic or book an appointment online.