Forefoot Pain

Our podiatrist have a special interest in treating forefoot pain.

The foot is a complex structure and with so many tiny joints, muscles and tendons- the forefoot (front of the foot) is no different.

You may notice pain at the ball of your foot, underneath your toes or even in the small joints of your toes. No matter where the pain is, we know just how much this can keep you from doing the things you love.

Bunion Pain

Bunions are a structural joint change of the 1st toe joint or 5th toe joint (tailor’s bunion). Over time the joint space changes and creates a prominent bony bump. Bunions can be painful and may cause difficulty in finding shoes.

Hammer & Claw Toes

Changes in shapes or positions of toes are common and can affect one of both toe joints. Muscle imbalances and other biomechanical factors can cause our toes to bend, sit up or change shape over time. Hammer and claw toes can lead to painful issues such as corn or callus formation and even cause problems fitting into certain types of footwear if not treated early.

Plantar Plate Tear & Pain

The plantar plate is a small ligament responsible for keeping the toe stable. Over time, with wear & tear, age and various stressors this ligament can become injured. It is a common cause for toe and ball of the foot pain and in the long term can lead to clawing or hammering of the toe.


Neuroma’s are often characterised by a sharp shooting, burning pain which can cause pins/needles/numbness in toes. It is a thickening of the digital nerve, which becomes trapped over time from irritation of the surrounding bony structures.

Treatment options for forefoot pain

Treatment options are dependent on diagnosis but aimed around reducing pain and preventing recurrence.

These may include:


Home exercises

To stretch and strengthen, reduce and alter pressure and load in the forefoot.


Various forms of strapping or taping

To help with pain reduction and improved function.


Hands on therapy and mobilisation


Footwear modifications or changes

Can reduce pressure and relieve tightness in the forefoot.


Custom made orthotics

Can be used to reduce damaging forces and redistribute pressure in the forefoot.

Are you suffering forefoot pain? Let us help!

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