Ingrown Toenails

If you have ever seen someone with an ingrown toenail, then you know how much these hurt.

Ingrown toenails can affect all ages- young and elderly. They occur when a small piece of nail breaks through the skin causing pain and sometimes infection.

Causes of ingrown toenails:

  • Incorrect nail cutting techniques- cutting too much or not enough nail
  • Shape of nail- curved, thickened, wide nail plate
  • Poorly fitting footwear- increasing pressure on a sensitive nail
  • Trauma or damage to the toenail- stubbing your toe

Often we see clients who have tried to fix their ingrown nail themselves- generally making their problem worse!

Always see a professional- we are experts in fixing ingrown nails.

Ingrown toenails solutions

Left untreated they can lead to ongoing pain and infection.

In most cases, we will gently trim the problematic nail edge to make your toe comfortable and prevent reoccurrence. We will discuss a dressing plan and help provide you with the tricks and tools to prevent it again in the future.

Long term solutions for recurrent ingrown nails

For those where infection or pain continues, there are a number of long term treatment options to consider dependent on your situation.  We can refer on to a suitable provider to safely perform nail surgery. 

Quick prevention tips

  • Always cut the nail straight across.
  • Avoid tight fitting shoes that create extra pressure on your feet
  • Seek help when the nail is showing signs of becoming ingrown including pain and redness to the area


    If you want to know more about how we can treat your ingrown toenail, call our clinic or book an appointment online.