Nail & Skin Care

Most people are unaware that skin and nail changes can be an indicator of general health.

Nail and Skin Care is so important in offering our body protection- they are the first line of defence to block nasty bacteria entering your body.

At Heal Focus Podiatry, we assess and manage a wide variety of nail & skin problems, changes and concerns. Sometimes problems that may seem small and insignificant, such as tiny corns, hard bits of skin or ingrown toenails, can cause the biggest amounts of pain. And often, if these aren’t seen in a prompt fashion, they can get out of control.

Regular treatment by a podiatrist can help prevent many common and painful issues. Painful feet can occur often as a result of high pressure, hygiene deficiencies or skin imbalances. We often see clients who have tried their hand at self treatment and made the issue worse. Early treatment is key!

We cater for all foot types and feet.

Nail Complaints

We comonly see:


Thickened toenails


Discolouration of toenails


Curly (Involuted) nails


Ingrown Toenails


Fungal Nail infections


Difficulty cutting your own toenails

Skin Complaints

We can help manage:


Callus & Corns


Tinea Pedis


Heel Cracks and Skin Cracks




Warts (Verrucae)

We provide an experience you’ll love and look forward to.

At Heal Focus Podiatry we are the experts in nail and skin care. We not only get the bottom of your problem, but also look at why this may be occurring and offer solutions to prevent future reoccurrences.

Rest assured, our podiatrist only uses hospital standard sterilised instruments. Podiatrists are universally trained health professionals who are bound by strict infection control and hygiene practices.

Let us get to the bottom of your problem

    If you want to know more about how we can care for your nails and skin, call our clinic or book an appointment online.