Orthotic Inserts

Medical shoe inserts, designed to support, align, or improve the function of the foot.

Orthotics are customised to the specific requirements of each individual person, and are based on how your feet, ankles, knees and hips move together.

Custom orthotics are designed to sit comfortably inside your footwear with their main role in changing load patterns of the foot to improve function and performance, or help manage ongoing injury.

At Heal Focus Podiatry, our podiatrist only prescribes orthotics after a detailed assessment.


How are orthotics made:

  • Foot and leg assessment completed by your podiatrist involving specific measurements and tests to check foot function and a video walking/running assessment.
  • 3D scans of your feet are taken which create an exact likeness of your foot in its corrected position.
  • A customised prescription along with 3D scans of your feet is then sent to a orthotic laboratory to be manufactured.

Your podiatrist will then arrange a fitting appointment and subsequent review to ensure the orthotics adequately support your feet and fit into all shoes appropriately.

Orthotics are commonly used for a number of conditions including:


Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain


Achilles Pain


Medial Knee Pain


Shin Splints


Stress fractures


Ankle Instability / Pain

In particular lateral and anterior joint pain


Morton’s Neuroma


Callus and corn formation




Arthritic Conditions


Pain in Children

Specifically to treat and provide for healthy development

Treating the donut, not just the hole

    Orthotics can be used effectively when treating foot and leg pain- but it’s important to know they are always part of the overall treatment plan, which means they are always used in combination with other treatments.

    Let us get to the bottom of your problem

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