If so, you need to see a podiatrist at Heal Focus Podiatry.

Exercise & Fitness Goals

After Christmas and New Year, when all the celebrations have concluded, it’s not uncommon to want to set goals for the upcoming year. And most goals are around health and fitness. 

Unfortunately, though, you’re going to fail if you dive in your exercise regime too quickly and not allow yourself adequate time for preparation and planning. 

See Your Doctor

If it’s been several years since you’ve exercised, it’s always advisable to see a doctor before you commence any strenuous activity. 

Of course, walking is very safe, but if you genuinely want to lose weight and get fit, you’re going to have to push yourself a little harder, so get a health check first. 

See A Podiatrist

In addition to seeing a doctor, you should also make an appointment with a Podiatrist. The number one excuse we hear at Heal Focus Podiatry for not exercising, or for stopping an exercise program is, “I have sore feet, ankles and knees”. 

A little discomfort is not uncommon at the beginning of an exercise program; however, this should subside within the first week, but if it doesn’t and persists, you need to seek advice. 

A Podiatrist is the best health professional to see for foot, ankle and knee pain. 

We Are Not All the Same

Are all podiatrists equal? No, they’re not, and this is important to remember, and why it’s essential to see a Podiatrist that treats foot, ankle and knee pain regularly.

Also, visit a clinic that uses the latest equipment and evaluation techniques. Your health is too important to leave to chance, so you should seek out the best.  

Treatment for lower limb varies considerably, and some people benefit from simple footwear advice because if you’re wearing the wrong shoe, it’s going to cause problems. 

Treatment Options

If there is an underlying injury- it needs to be treated and this is when Ultrasound, Foot Mobilisation and Dry Needling may be advised. 

Suppose you have a foot-type that rolls inwards too much (over-pronation) or outwards too much (over-supination). In that case, you may also benefit from orthotics, or combining orthotics with one of the other treatment modalities. 

Regardless of the activity, remember to begin slowly, and stay in contact with your health team, your doctor and your podiatrist at Heal Focus Podiatry in the first few weeks.

Final Tip

If you can get a friend to start exercising with you, it will help keep you on track and motivated. The last thing you don’t want to be doing is reading a similar article next year and being five kg’s heavier (if that’s your goal).  

Phone Heal Focus Podiatry on 0401 828 001 to have your feet and lower limbs assessed today, so you can take on this year’s health and fitness goals pain-free.